Research and Links

Dr. Hendrickson has listed some of his favorite websites below with a short commentary about each site. In his textbook, Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions, he  proposes a new model of soft tissue mobilization, which is based on the waves of energy moving through water. The sites listed below help explain the principles of energy medicine relevant to his new model, as well as explaining the body as a liquid crystal which serves as an antennae for these energy waves.
James Oschman’s work has had a great influence on the manual therapy. He is a master of explaining the principles of energy medicine. I highly recommend his work.
Excellent article on mechanotranduction and how manual therapy affects positive changes in the tissue.
Dr. Norman Allen’s website. Fascinating. Very clear information on liquid crystals and muscles.
Great site explaining electromagnetic fields.
NASA website on cytoskeletons and tensegrity.
Cal Tech site discussing zero-point field (ZPF). The ZPF was popularized by Lynn McTaggert’s book The Field.
Great website describing the nature of water.
Dr. Tiffany Field’s Touch Research Institute’s website.
Dr. Leon Chaitow has some wonderful articles which you can download.
Website has many articles on the latest research on fascia.