Services and Prices

New Patient Initial Evaluation Appointments

Your first visit to our clinic is called an Initial Evaluation Appointment. During this visit, your doctor will carefully assess your condition by:

  • Taking a complete history
  • Reading x-rays and MRI films, if needed
  • Performing orthopedic and neurological testing
  • Performing range of motion testing and palpation

A diagnosis will then be made and if time allows, a treatment will be performed.  Your doctor will also make recommendations for future treatments, exercise, diet and lifestyle changes to improve your condition.   Follow up treatments may consist of “regular” 15-minute visits, “extended” 30-minute visits or a “combination” massage and chiropractic treatment.  The type of treament(s) appropriate for you will be discussed at your initial appointment.

For patients referred to Dr. Hendrickson:
We encourage you to schedule your Initial Evaluation Appointment with Dr. Shin Aoki or Dr. Michelle Scatina as Dr. Hendrickson’s schedule for new patient evaluations is typically booked months in advance.  Once you’ve had your initial evaluation with Dr. Aoki or Dr. Scatina you may then schedule an appointment with Dr. Hendrickson.  (You will typically be able to see him within a month of your initial evaluation.)  Your follow-up visit with him is called an “extended visit.”  This first visit with Tom is a 30-minute appointment, subsequent visits are 15 minutes.  During this time, Dr. Hendrickson will review the initial evaluation findings, perform various tests, and make his diagnosis.  He will then give a treatment and make recommendations for future treatments.   Many of our patients who begin with Drs. Scatina or Aoki elect to continue treatment with them even though they were referred to Dr. Hendrickson.  Our goal is to relieve pain, and all of our practitioners are skilled and capable of helping you reach that goal.

Massage Therapy at the Hendrickson Clinic

The Hendrickson Clinic offers Hendrickson Method massage therapy from advanced graduates of the Hendrickson Method Institute. This style of massage is performed fully clothed and without oil. It combines the relaxing benefits of massage and the rehabilitative effects of manual therapy. Patients receive a gentle, pain-free session that often provides immediate pain relief, as well as improved general health and well-being.

Hours and Fees

Our clinic is open Mondays from 11am – 6pm and Tuesdays through Fridays from 8am to 6pm (with some exceptions for later appointments).

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Michelle Scatina

Tuesday: 8am to 6:00pm Initial evaluation or “extended” visit: $170
Wednesday: 8:00am to 6:00pm Regular visits: $85
Friday: 8:00am to 6pm Combination massage and chiropractic: $130

Dr. Shin Aoki

Monday: 11am to 6pm Initial evaluation or “extended” visit: $170
Wednesday: 12pm to 6pm Regular visits: $85
Thursday: 8am to 3pm Combination massage and chiropractic: $130
Friday: 12pm to 6pm

Dr. Tom Hendrickson

Tuesday: 10am to 6pm Initial evaluation: $200
Thursday: 10pm to 6pm Extended visit: $180
Regular visit: $90
Combination massage and chiropractic: $140

Massage Therapy 50-minute massage: $120

*In a combination massage and chiropractic appointment, you’ll receive a 50-minute treatment including massage therapy from a Hendrickson Method Therapist, and chiropractic adjustments from the doctor of your choice.