Student Policies

Admission and Prerequisites

Applicants must be 18 years or older and have completed high school or equivalency. Students must also have met specific prerequisites for each class in which they enroll, including proficiency in Anatomy and Physiology. We have designed an Anatomy Self Assessment to help you gauge your level of preparedness. Prospective students are invited to call our administrative offices and meet with school representatives to discuss their goals and requirements of Hendrickson Method classes. We reserve the right to refuse enrollment to anyone.

How to Apply

Students wishing to enroll in class may complete and return an application along the class fee. Upon receipt of your application and payment, we will provide you with a detailed course catalog which fully identifies all policies and requirements. You may also request the catalog for review prior to applying. The information on this page is not an exhaustive list of our policies, which can be found in our catalog.

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Students must attend at least 80% of the originally scheduled classes, are strongly encouraged to make up all missed classes, and must make up at least enough missed classes to meet attendance requirements of 90%. Students who are more than 30 minutes late to class are considered tardy. Two tardy marks will be considered one absence. Students missing more than 20% of class time will not receive credit for the class.

Completion Requirements:

  1. 90% attendance (make–ups permitted).
  2. Completion of required reading.
  3. If the class has a hands–on final, a passing mark.
  4. Completion of all homework assignments.
  5. Completion of the financial agreement.
  6. Completion of any required practice massages.
  7. Minimum cumulative score of 75% on any quizzes given.
  8. Completion of course evaluation.

Making Up Classes

Students must make up all missed classes within 3 months of the class end date. Make up classes must be for the specific class topic originally missed according to the rules below:

  1. Students may make up missed classes by scheduling a private tutorial with one of the designated instructors. Students must provide a client on which to work if doing a tutorial for a clinical class.
  2. A one–hour individual tutorial is equivalent to 3.5 hours of class time.
  3. Tutorials are considered extra–curricular and are not included in the tuition.

Progress and Grading System

All courses at Hendrickson Method Institute are pass/fail. Students must successfully meet all completion requirements to become certified. Successful completion of Hendrickson Method: Essentials is a prerequisite for enrollment in Hendrickson Method: Advanced.

Massage Laws and Licensing in States and Municipalities

Certification as a Hendrickson Method Practitioner does not guarantee a license to practice massage or bodywork in a particular state or city. State and Local licensing requirements regulations vary from state to state and city to city. Hendrickson Method Institute’s programs may not prepare students for licensure in their respective states and municipalities. State and municipal massage licensing laws vary in their content, hour requirement and testing requirements. Students should check to see what the course hours, tests and continuing education requirements are for licensed practice in the states and city that they wish to practice. For assistance on locating up-to-date information on licensing in California contact the school Director.

Student Records

All student records are permanently on file in the school’s administrative office. Any student who wishes to see his/her records may do so by appointment, during regular office hours. Transcripts are available upon request for a fee. Records are not available to other parties without the written consent of the student. Official transcripts may be sent to a third party at the specific request of the student.