Student Endorsements

Student Reviews of Our Trainings

“After completing this training, I feel confident and competent that I can assess and treat most soft tissue injuries.  I also now have the skill level and terminology to effectively communicate with other health care providers, and share treatment plans for our mutual clients.  My clients have enthusiastically commented on how therapeutic and effective my work has become.”
–Tricia Parrish, CMT

“The training program is invaluable for therapists at all skill levels.  Dr. Hendrickson’s broad experiential knowledge, body mechanics integration, and in depth scientific research informs and enhances the learning process tremendously.  The training is engaging, challenging and enjoyable and well worth the investment.”
–Lisa Harbus, CMT

“I had to give up massage therapy after 15 years because of injury.  Hendrickson Method not only helps my clients, it helps me stay injury free and I am now able to do body work again full-time.  My business is thriving through word of mouth – one client sends two, they send six!”
–Margie Sturgis, CMT

“The training gave me the ability to treat soft tissue injuries effectively and efficiently.  Thanks to the detailed strokes and clear explanations of different techniques used in this course, I have been able to help my clients beyond all expectations. I would recommend this class to any massage therapist professional who wants an extended training to expand his/her personal growth as well as the growth of his/her practice.”
–Boyer, CMT

“I drove fourteen hours round trip every month to study with Dr. Hendrickson and it was well worth it.  Not only is he a wealth of knowledge and information, as well as being a compassionate and principled man, but he also is a skilled and effective teacher.  I learned many new techniques and concepts, and I highly recommend his training.”
–Bob Wagner, LMT

“This is not just another course on orthopedic massage.  It’s a tradition of healing that is so alive and radiant, that its richness has not only profoundly improved my massage practice, but it has positively impacted many other aspects of my life.”
–Julie Ann Weiss, CMT

“This is a comprehensive, in-depth training on how to effectively treat soft-tissue injuries.  As a neuromuscular therapist, I found it to be an essential component of my overall training and the perfect complement to my work.”
–Nancy Lynn Tierney

“This course was thorough, inspiring and highly applicable to any other therapeutic modality.”
–Natalie Heidtmann, CMT

“This course has really enhanced my Pilates practice.  I have a much clearer understanding of the body and can achieve greater results with less effort.”
–Kate Harmon

“Excellent, comprehensive training.  Dr. Hendrickson’s lectures were wonderfully philosophical and full of useful information.  The assistant teachers were full of great experience and were excellent teachers – encouraging and inspiring.”
–Laura Pettibone, CMT

“Dr. Hendrickson is grounded in knowledge and wisdom of the body, and so much more.  He portrays information in a fluid and accessible way.  After the weekend classes, I feel full, refreshed and prepared to work with clients with more complicated injuries.”
–Jennifer Andrus, CMT

“I was quite hesitant about taking a clinical class at first, but after the first weekend I realized how rewarding therapeutic massage could be, not only for the client, but also for myself.  Dr. Hendrickson’s classes grasp my attention with ease and make learning anatomy fun and exciting.  His knowledge base is endless and I feel so privileged to be a part of a healing tradition.”
–Mike Lane, CMT

“This class brings my skills to a totally new dimension.  It has helped me taste incredible success in just a few months!  Success in the form of drastically reducing pain symptoms in my patients with sciatica and piriformis syndrome.  I see myself switching my practice 100% to Hendrickson Method. For me Hendrickson Method is the ultimate and I feel my journey just beginning.”
–Bomi Bilimoria, CMT