Benefits of Training in Hendrickson Method

Work more effectively with clients in pain

You will learn in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy, reliable assessment procedures, and effective treatment protocols that will enable you to work effectively with clients who are in pain. You will learn how to successfully treat most orthopedic conditions, from acute low back pain to rotator cuff injuries, relieving symptoms while improving function.

Prolong your career

By adopting essential Tai Chi principles, you will learn how to stay relaxed and use minimal muscular effort while working on clients. This eliminates the strain associated with many other massage techniques, allowing you to remain injury-free and energized during and following each session. The result is a longer, healthier career in the healing arts and renewed enjoyment of your practice.

Become an expert and build a successful practice

Our professional programs are designed and tested to support you in advancing to the top of your field. Our graduates report using their advanced clinical skills to help clients achieve fast, measurable results. Impressed clients become loyal clients, and referrals multiply quickly.

Integrate HM with other techniques

Hendrickson Method can easily be integrated with other styles of massage and manual therapy, as well as with Pilates.

Expand your client base

Hendrickson Method can be performed on everyone regardless of age, level of pain, or state of conditioning, including children and the elderly. Sessions can be performed without oil and while clients are fully clothed.

Develop community

Hendrickson Method graduates connect and build community with others via the Hendrickson Method Association, which allows them to stay in touch through newsletters and to get help finding new clients.