Trainings in Boulder, CO

Trainings in Boulder, CO

Transformation Through Touch: Essentials of Manual Therapy

Teacher: Elizabeth McClain, CMT, BA, DOMP

Join Elizabeth McClain for a 4-day workshop in Hendrickson Method® massage and manual therapy for orthopedic conditions.

Learn How to:

  • Work more effectively with clients in pain
    • You will learn in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy, reliable assessment procedures, and effective treatment protocols
  • Prolong your career
    • By adopting essential Tai Chi principles, you will learn how to stay relaxed and use minimal muscular effort while working on clients
  • A new method of manual therapy
    • HM is comprised of three treatment modalities: a new form of soft tissue mobilization called wave mobilization®, muscle energy technique, and joint mobilization

This training is designed for massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and others practicing manual therapy. Each workshop provides 28 NCBTMB-approved CE credits to qualifying students.

Hendrickson Method Format and Certification

Hendrickson Method® was developed by Dr. Tom Hendrickson. He has tested and refined this advanced treatment system through 40 years of clinical practice and teaching. Hendrickson Method combines the most advanced and effective modalities in manual therapy, including a unique style of soft tissue mobilization created by Dr. Hendrickson called wave mobilization®, as well as joint mobilization and muscle energy technique.

Hendrickson Method Certification is attained when students complete six 4-day modules of training – 3 Level 1 modules and 3 Level 2 modules. Certification is optional.  Students are welcome to attend classes without meeting the requirements for certification.

Students need to take the first module, Manual Therapy for the Spine, before attending other modules.  Students then need to complete the other two Level 1 modules before registering for Level 2 modules.

After completing all six modules, students take a practical test to become fully certified as “Hendrickson Method Practitioners“.  Students who complete all six modules a second time take a practical test to become fully certified as “Hendrickson Method Therapists“.

For more information on Hendrickson Method, please visit

Hendrickson Method Training Modules:

  • Manual Therapy for the Spine
  • Manual Therapy for Upper Extremities
  • Manual Therapy for Lower Extremities

Classes meet from 10 am – 6 pm at BoulderBodyworks in Boulder, CO.

For more information or questions about this class please contact Elizabeth McClain at

Teacher: Elizabeth McClain

Training Prices*
Per Module: $795
Two-Module Package: $1490
Three-Module Package: $2175
HMA Members, Per Module: $745
HMA Members, Two-Module Package: $1390
HMA Members, Three-Module Package: $2025

*Pricing is applicable only to this location and is not transferable to courses taught by other HM Instructors.

Dr. Hendrickson’s book Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions (LWW, 2009) is required for the course and is available from Amazon through the following link: Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions .

The instructional DVD, Massage and Manual Therapy with Dr. Tom Hendrickson, is strongly recommended as an accompaniment to the textbook. It is available from the Hendrickson Method website.


E McClainElizabeth McClain

BA (Dance), CMT, D.O.M.P.

Elizabeth finished her Level 1 massage certification training at the International School of Bodywork in San Diego, CA in 1994.  Two years later, September of 1996, she began her training with Tom Hendrickson D.C., the founder of Hendrickson Method®.  In June 2000 she completed the Hendrickson Method® Institute’s teacher training where she assisted Dr. Hendrickson and lead review day classes for six years.  In 2016 she completed her teacher recertification in order to bring this incredible manual therapy to Boulder, CO.

In November 2016,  she received her Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto, ON.

In addition to manual therapy, Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of New Mexico, where she studied with Bill Evans and Nora Reynolds-Daniel.  She also studied Guang Ping Yang style Tai Chi, Chi gung, and other martial arts for six years with Sifu Donald Rubbo in San Rafael, CA and is currently teaching Chi gung in Boulder.  In addition, she has studied: Reiki, Reclaiming Our Bodies Awake (ROBA) with Teya (Valentina) Chavez-Krotky; Human anatomy with Gil Hedley, Babinetics with Bertrand Babinet, is a Certified KinesioTaping® Association Practitioner (CKTP) and has attended several other manual therapy workshops.

Elizabeth  is continually amazed at the interweaving of the human body, mind, and spirit and honored to be allowed to witness the journey of Life.